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What it is:

A thin comfortable pill container--a stylish personal accessory -- that loves to travel!!

What it isn't:

A big bulky weekly pill organizer.that likes to sit at home and watch TV.

The Slim Traveler is as thin as a smart phone and as small as a credit card!

The "Slim Traveler" pill box: Easily slides into a pocket, purse, or backpack to carry your pills & vitamins, mints & gum. --Small & Thin!

Group of colors in a circle

7 colors to choose from!

Black with vitamins

Carry pills and vitamins comfortably!

slim with phone

As thin as a smart phone!

blue w CC

As small as a credit card!

pewter texture

An edgy look with a carbon fiber texture!

Orange w gum & candy

Carry a variety of items from Tylenol to gum, use your creativity!

Fits your Lifestyle !

Jeans pocket

A pocket in your jeans


A purse

back pack

A backpack

ski bag

Ski, Snowboard, or golf bag

gym bag

Take it with you to the gym

shirt pocket

Or to a meeting

orange in car

Traffic headache--Handy to have one in the car too

labeled colors

Some like the very subtle Black or the distinguished Pewter Grey, while others like a fun bright color that can easily be found inside your purse or pack!

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